I will be up front about my bias. I practice client centered nutrition counseling services where all aspects of the clients health, behaviors, and priorities are central to nutrition counseling. I also provide population based nutrition education which is a different world than individualized nutrition counseling. What people should keep in mind is that population based (what applies to most) is a population based intervention designed to make recommendations that will apply to most of the population. I would love for everyone to have access to a registered dietitian for individualized nutrition services but that is not the current health care system in most geographical areas.

A few considerations that are a part of individualized nutrition services:

  • recent laboratory data (from the basic screening recommendations to detailed labs that tell us about more than the basics) which could include micro-nutrient labs and labs that help in individualized recommendations based on our genetics, digestive system, functional nutritional status, and other
  • genetics includes family history of diseases as well as our individualized issues that may impact how we consume, absorb, and use nutrients.
  • your story encompasses a whole host of considerations such as your overall nutrition history, life events, social considerations, demands upon your time, and your nutrition and life goals. Nutrition counseling does not occur in a vacuum and individualized services are going to take all of the areas of your life into account when setting goals and making recommendations.

As a woman in her 40s with an aging parent, a full time profession, a pet and my many life roles, I am busy. I am often overwhelmed by all the things that are required in order to manage a life in this day and age. That being said I have made a commitment to myself to return to living the life of an amazing dietitian. So reading this article today regarding “baseline diet” was well timed. Many people have access to free platforms that can provide macro-nutrient breakdowns. I am blessed to have access to a more detailed platform that I also provide for clients. My working on a return to triathlon ready health is being worked on along side of a financial overhaul, preparing my home to sell, creating a minimal waste household (zero waste is long term but not currently feasible), household de-cluttering, and an experience filled life. While I have only been completing a dietary intake analysis a few days a week over the last few months, I know that it makes a difference in how I plan my meals and make choices. These records also allow me to take a detailed look at my intake of vitamins, minerals, and functional nutrients so that I can use that information to make future goals. Promoting improved gut health and inflammatory markers (which are currently great!) are my focus. A guide on promoting gut health through fiber intake is in the works at my office.

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