If you remember one message regarding nutritional intake of key vitamins and minerals, remember –

Having Too Little May Cause Harm

Having Enough Supports Health

Having More Than Enough to Support Health May Have Functional Benefits (for improved health and functioning)

Having Too Much May Cause Harm

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I use a combination of physical assessment, laboratory data, medical history, and client interviews to determine where to focus nutritional interventions. While the need to consume sufficient vitamins and minerals for prevention of known deficiencies has long been understood, there are still messages that “more” is “better”. Unfortunately, nutrition is more complicated than taking a “more is better” approach.

If you choose to take steps for improving your nutritional intake of fat soluble vitamins for improved health and functioning, consider the following as the first steps.

  1. Ask your health care provider about nutritional laboratory data testing.
  2. Take notes on your physical symptoms that you are concerned about (such as fatigue, balance, hair loss, skin changes, focus, etc.).
  3. Record your diet, medication, and supplements to take in to your dietitian.
  4. Ask your dietitian about genetic (or other) factors that impact your absorption of key nutrients in order to establish safe ranges for consumption and supplementation.
  5. Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.

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