15 min, be real about your nutrition

I used to enjoy a much more active lifestyle.  What this entailed was daily physical activity and great nutrition.  My physical activity included activities such as walking with friends, hiking, cycling, swimming, walking the dog, backpacking, and in many cases training for some type of physical event such as triathlons, running, and cycling.  My nutrition focused on moderation and home prepared meals.  In the last seven year, I have experienced several deaths in my family, entrance into a doctoral program, a geographical move, the end to a long term relationship, and job changes.  While many other life events are positive, they still bring with them change and commitment.  The things that worked for me at one time in my life are not the same as what may work for me now.  When you are returning to a life of high levels of physical challenges, it is different than just starting for the first time.  You might need to find a way to move beyond the memories of waking up happy to complete an 8 mile run in just over an hour (I never claimed to be breaking any records). 

Take 5-10 minutes to jot down the challenges you are experiencing to making those changes towards a healthful life in all areas of your world.

Now take some time to think about what you would need to do to overcome those challenges.  You might even need to take the day to really think about this one because having a plan to overcome those challenges is more important than just deciding to overcome the challenges. 

I now live in a climate where the hazard of snow and ice can result in injury.  Just two weeks ago even with the full light of day, I had a near miss with slushy snow almost causing me to fall into a ditch.  I could feel the awkward turning of my ankle that luckily did not result in injury.  I had to find a strategy that would work for my schedule but that would also help me make strides towards my long term goals.  While my indoor activity options may not be as close to nature as I would like, I am able to fit in my activity in the dark early morning (or any time of day) until we are blessed with more daylight in our days.  I have my Specialized on blocks and a trainer and my treadmill looking out a picture window.

We love to hear about what strategies others use to keep their lives happy, healthy and organized.

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