Most of us can relate to days that are too overwhelming with more demands upon our time than we feel able of handling.  Often, it is our own self-care that will take the back seat or be eliminated from our days for some much needed sleep or to fit in commitments to family, friends, or careers.  I miss the days when there was never a day that I missed out on my physical activity routine or my well thought out meals.  Life (geographical moves, rental property, higher education, illness, relationships, financial contraints, deaths in the family, family drama, family commitments, physical injury, work commitments, pets, travel, cramped kitchen, job transitions, etc.) has been filled with both wonderful and stressful events that have changed my routine for a good 5 years or more.  These challenges haven’t been about knowledge but there have definitely been some challenges with follow through.

In anticipation of the many 2018 resolutions, we should all take a step back to reflect on our successes and challenges when attempting lifestlye changes in the past.  For myself, the month of December will include reflection in the form of daily journaing of my dietary intake throughout the day as well as resuming some meal planning/preparation activities that support me in taking care of my body.  Self-monitoring behaviors include routinly weighing or measuring your body,  recording your food and beverage intake throughout the day, and monitoring daily physical activity are all part of a comprehensive weight management plan that supports healthful weight loss as well as maintenance of a healthful weight loss.  The use of structured meal plans, meal replacements, and portion control strategies have also been show to result in healthful weight management and weight loss.  Let December be a time to prepare for an even better 2018.

Self-Care Committment 2018

  1. Complete a food and activity record.  (There are a lot of options.  I use one available through my practice because I love the details.  If you are seeing a registered dietitian, ask if they have food records available for your use.)
  2. Use a structered meal plan.
  3. Follow dietary intake and physical activity goal at least 90% of the time.

Let us all plan for a more healthful 2018.


Rosa I Lopez, MS, RDN, LD, ABD

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