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An organized cupboard, a clean and organized refrigerator and freezer, healthy eating dinner parties, a training deadline, and meal plan are all solid foundations for creating good nutrition vibes.  Good nutrition vibes are those things that help inspire us to eat a healthful nutritious diet.
My Top 3 Good Nutrition Vibes Must Have List
1) A Clean Kitchen (This includes the refridgerator.)
2) Fresh Produce
3) A Meal List/Menu Plan
This post will focus on my number 1) items.  I primarily enjoy a whole foods eating plan.  I like to purchase produce and meats as close to the source as I can manage.  I am fortuante that my community sells local produce as the grocery store which isn’t limited to just organic or on trend food items.  I like to feel organized and a clean kitchen really is the first part of that process.  A clean and organized kitchen means that I know what foods I have, what foods I need to purchase, and what foods are past their prime and need to be tossed (stay tuned for planning a near zero waste kitchen).  While I recently decided to return to a more plant based diet, I didn’t want to waste the good quality foods I had on hand.  I have an especially good memory of cauliflower whipped potatoes and scallops from dinner a couple of nights ago.
I live in a very old home that still enjoys a few donkey’s in the neighborhood.  The down size of old homes that were not built for today’s modern expectations is that there is no pantry in my kitchen.  The kitchen actually has plenty of space so I turned an old dresser into a pantry.  It has three smaller top drawers and 4 large drawers underneath those smaller drawers.  I used the small drawers for spices and seasoning mixes that I store in mason jars.  Mason jars work especially well as they are easily labeled on their lids so that I don’t have to remove jars to know what they contain.  The four drawers are organied into food categories – proteins (dry/canned beans, tuna, nuts, peanut butter), vegetables (canned vegetables, sun dried tomatoes, etc..), grains (bulgur, oats, pastas, freekeh), and dried fruits fill in some spaces.  We can debate the merrits of storing quinoa with the proteins versus the grains at a later date.  As long as you have a system that works for you and helps you avoid the trap of purchasing items that are then tossed due to old age.
I don’t always keep an inventory but I do “shop at home” and make a list of meal ideas for the week.  This helps me avoid the temptation to pick up food on the way home from work.  So take a look around your kitchen.  Are your knives sharp?  Do you have old food that needs to find a new home in the trash or composting bin?  If you’re finding all things as they should be, pat yourself on the back as you have accomplished the first step.


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