Part 3 of good nutrition vibes is a system for planning and organizing your meals and snacks.  There are digital versions which I have used.  Many times, I keep it simple with pen and paper.  Whatever strategy you employ, it just has to work for you.  As years have passed, I have found that it isn’t necessary for me to cook each night or to specify what meal will grace my table on Tuesday versus Thursday.  These days, I keep a list of the 3-5 meals that I will prepare that week (usually dinners).  I am a fan of leftovers as long as I do not have to eat them more than 3 times in the week.

Cooking Light has a Weeknight Meal Planner with drag and drop function.


Use some type of meal planner to help you plan for enough variety and nutrition in your week.  Don’t plan a meal that will take an hour to cook if you know that you do not have the time.  On evenings when I have a class or a longer work day, I might plan for leftovers or a meal that I have prepared ahead.  If you do not see healthful foods on your meal plan then search for ideas.

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