There is no one size fits all approach to healthful eating.  While we could all embrace a plant based diet and faithfully follow a meal plan we have discovered in the all mighty world of Google, we are a complex and particular group of human beings.  Dietitians are a great resource for sorting through all the often times confusing and misleading information.  This week there have been a few postings and marketing materials that have crossed my desk –

Organic Candies for Halloween

Certified Nutrition Specialists Marketing Materials

Candy Corn Pizza

candy corn pizza

Needless to say that this has not been the most appealing week.  So let’s set the record straight.  While you might feel “better” about buying organic candy, candy is still a category of non nutritious foods that should me eliminated or limited in the overall healthful diet.  A certfied nutrition specialist is a person with less than 1 college semester of nutrition courses (9 credits in total) under their belt and not equivilent in any way to a registered dietitian or registered dietitian nutritionist.  Although if you want to spend a quick $200 on supplements without a complete nutrition assessment, they may be your cup of tea.  I don’t know that there could be anything to be said for candy corn pizza but the visual was fairly disturbing.

As a registered dietitian, I specialize in designing plans that work for my clients and I do that through a process of assessment, listening, goal setting, and problem solving within sessions.  Your job is really to be straight with your dietitian about what you will and will not commit to doing.  And start with asking yourself these questions –

  1. Am I ready to make some changes with my dietary intake?
  2. Am I ready to take an honest look at what is helping me and what is hurting me?
  3. Am I ready to work with a registered dietitian so that they can help me make better choices and maximize my dietary intake?

I will be taking this week to make friends with my Garmin activity tracker and my food record.  For me it is a great reminder for staying in touch with what we ask of our clients.  I enjoy a whole foods diet for most of my meals and this includes trying to limit processed foods (including white bread) from the store.  I do enjoy homemade bread and the compromise is that I do bring one of the loaves to the office to share so that I don’t overconsume bread throughout the week.  So be it organic candy, candy corn pizza, or a decadent desert during a night on the town, take the time to learn about making better food choices that work with your lifestyle.

To learn more about the Candy Corn Pizza visit the Thrillist article at

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