Hiking has been a part of my life from before I had a conscious memory.  Thank you dad since I now have allergies to trees native to Germany and the UK resulting from early exposure to their pollen.  Allergies to almost all things related to trees don’t stop me from enjoying the outdoors.  This weekend I focused on stopping the planning and focusing on the doing.  I have passed the parking area to a local planned open space system for over 6 months.  This weekend my trusty canine companion took the leap to explore a set of local trails.  Even when you live in larger communities or cities, you may find that there are little havens of hidden peace.  Nature, a trail runner, and a fellow hiker were the only other accompaniments.


What made this hike so perfect, beyond the peacefulness, were the scenic 180 degree views and the informational postings established by researchers and land managers.  Next time I will remember to take my camera.

Finding these special areas are a great way to stay active and learn about your neighborhood or vacation spot.

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